Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Saddle Fitting"

I was talking to a young lady whose sister received one of our Burns Custom Barrel Racing Saddles as a Christmas present. She told me that her sister really liked the saddle. She also said how "comfortable" the saddle was. I commented to her how we take pride in our ground seats and how the barrel saddles are built especially to fit the female form. I asked her how much they had ridden it. She said that it hadn't been on a horse yet. I figured that they must have put it on a stand, and that was how they knew it was "comfortable".
She said, "On Christmas morning we were so excited about the new saddle. My sister wanted to sit on it so I got on my hands and knees, put the saddle on my back and she climbed on. I couldn't believe how 'comfortable' the saddle was on my back. I put my other saddle on and it really put pressure on me but the one you guys built spread the pressure out really evenly."
I thought to myself, "That is a great person to let her little sister put her saddle on her so she could try it out". My second thought was, "I've got to tell someone my new 'Saddle Fitting' story".

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